Why choose Hello Panda

Why choose us?

Unique teaching method - Mandarin link words (ML)

We use link words to make Chinese learning much simpler. Our unique method allows our students to understand 6 or more words instantly by mastering only one core Chinese character. It will greatly increase your efficiency in study mandarin. 

Native and certified teachers

All our teachers are certified and native speakers. They are highly experienced, and they have undergone extensive training before they can teach at our school.

Live interactive learning

All our lessons are well-prepared and interesting. Our teachers prepare additional materials outside the textbooks so that our students can learn more. You will be interacting with your private tutor such as games and flashcard in every lesson.

One to one support

We always put our students before everything. You will be supported by your private tutors even outside the lessons. Please feel free to contact us anytime if you run into any problems about your study, we will get back to you within a few hours.

Anywhere, anytime

We have a flexible schedule with our students. You can study anywhere, anytime at your comfort. Normally, we use Zoom to conduct lessons with our students, if you have preferred platform, we are open to suggestions.

If you would like to start with your own group, we are happy to arrange that for you. Please email your requirements to [email protected] or call 07849511673 

Wechat ID : Mandarinlingo

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