Homework_ recognise Chinese characters

This course focus on learning Chinese for regular use. It is available for all levels of Chinese learners. The aim is to kick off your Chinese learning and make our students speak, listen, and read Chinese in the quickest time.

We plan the lessons structure based on students’ level and interested areas. We will improve your speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills from beginning to advanced level. The list below will give you an outline of our lesson sample structure. You will learn much more over the lessons.   

Beginner level   初级汉语

  • Simple self-Introduction 自我介绍 
  • Greetings 打招呼                        
  • Family members 家庭成员
  • Food 食物
  • Numbers 数字
  • Shopping 购物
  • Colours 颜色
  • Day and time 时间与日期
  • Animals 动物
  • Sports 运动
  • Climate 天气
  • Travel and transportation 旅行与交通


Intermediate level    中级汉语

  • Professions 职业
  • Making comparison 比较
  • Business 商业场合
  • Culture such as festivals and custom 文化与习俗
  • Daily life issues such as seeing a doctor, book a train ticket or hotel 解决日常问题
  • TV programs and movies 看电视和电影


Advanced level  高级汉语

  • Express opinions 表达自己的见解
  • Science and technology 科技
  • Societal issues 社会问题
  • Literatures and stories reflect Chinese culture and habits 文学作品

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